monika barp

monika was a founder of the highly successful goldsmith atelier "depot" in stäfa, switzerland. on the heels of depot's success, monika opened the goldsmith atelier and jewelry gallery "glanz und gloria", also in stäfa. monika now lives in singapore where her goldsmith atelier is dedicated to creating unique jewelry for unique people.

as a recognized and sought after designer, monika has also taught jewelry design and goldsmithing in zurich and in co-operation with various study centers in switzerland.

unique jewelery for unique people


designing high quality unique jewelry, one piece at a time, with a determined appreciation for each and every customer, to be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime.

custom crafted to order

a master artisan dedicated to creating custom jewelry for clients craving more than traditional jewelry stores would offer by creating fine jewelry that lives up to the standard of an old world craftsmen.


specializing in jewelry repair to the highest quality to keep your jewelry maintained and looking like new.

from old to new

transforming from old to new brings new life to old jewelry. modernize an old setting or create a new one, take an element or two of an old piece and freshen it up in a new piece, mix elements of different pieces and come up with a whole new experience.

sales of diamonds, precious stones & pearls

diamonds, precious stones and pearls, characterized by accents of uniqueness, especially selected for the encounter between each jewel and the most innovative techniques of the goldsmith's art.