I have answered some typical questions I get asked here.  If you can find the answer to your question, please contact me here.
Do you design bespoke pieces from scratch?   
Yes!  I work with you to make perfect, unique pieces of jewellery using the materials of your choice.

Do you guarantee that any unique or bespoke pieces you make will remain unique?
Absolutely.  Bespoke pieces are never coopied or resold.  You can rest assured that your piece of jewellery is indeed unique.

Do you repair broken Jewellery?   
Yes.  If you have some broken pieces we can restore them to their former glory.

I have some Jewellery I would like to repurpose and modify.  Can you do this for me?   
Yes, I will work with you to bring an older piece to a new life with a modified look.

Would it be possible to have a video consultation with you to discuss my requirements and look at designs or ideas?
I am very happy to have a video call.  It helps me to understand you and best visualise the piece you want to create.

You say that you ship to parts of Europe.  Would it be possible to ship to other parts of the world (I understand the shipping cost would be higher).  Also, are all shipments insured?
I am happy to get a shipping quote and ship my creations all over the world.  Yes I always insure purchases for piece of mind.

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